Environmental Consultant

Professional waterfront consulting services for luxury real estate property owners, HOAs, municipalities, government agencies, site developers and construction companies, recreational/fishing enthusiasts, engineering firms, shoreline contractors, sustainability program personnel, etc., and others who benefit from their association with lakes and waterways.

Lake / Pond and Aquatic Plant Management

Identifying and managing aquatic plant species, guaranteeing recreational and navigational access for waterfront activities, ensuring compliance with ordinances governing aquatic plants, and recommending best management practices for protecting water quality and property values.

Nuisance Vegetation

Utilizing integrated management practices for controlling unwanted aquatic weeds, algae, and consulting for various issues with exotic aquatic species.

What We Do

AquaSTEM Consulting, LLC is owned by Amy Giannotti, M.S., C.L.M., an environmental scientist and certified lake manager with over 20 years of experience in temperate and subtropical marine and freshwater systems. We specialize in coastal and freshwater vegetation dynamics, invasive species management, impacts of nutrient enrichment, shoreline restoration, and STEM curriculum initiatives for environmental science. Amy holds a B.S. in biology from Marietta College (OH) and earned her M.S. in environmental science at the University of Virginia. She is a certified scuba diver (open water, EANx, and cavern diver) and airboat pilot.

Amy has a wealth of experience in local government, as well as in several state agencies in Florida in aquatic plant, lake, and natural resource management.

Aquatic Vegetation

Lake/Pond Management & Maintenance

Shoreline Alteration & Restoration

Exotic Species Issues

Outreach Initiatives