Consulting Services:

My specialties are lake/pond and aquatic plant management, shoreline restoration, and outreach initiatives. Specifically, I can assist with nuisance vegetation, permitting/compliance needs, exotic species issues, use of herbicides and/or biocontrol methods, shoreline restoration/alteration, and stormwater/watershed management. I am also available for invited seminars, presentations, and workshops.

These experiences have given me a broad base of knowledge in the regulatory statutes governing aquatic plant control here in Florida. I am also familiar with the contractors that perform reliable and professional work, and I can help clients by making sure their project is completed in a timely and compliant manner.


I specialize in the following areas:

  • Identifying & Managing Aquatic Vegetation
    • biological, chemical, mechanical, and integrated controls 
  • Lake/Pond Management & Maintenance
  • Shoreline Alteration & Restoration
    • navigational & recreational access
    • waterfront construction & site development
    • aqua-scaping for habitat & aesthetics
  • Exotic Species Problems & Solutions
  • Education Outreach
    • invited seminars
    • presentations
    • workshops
  • STEM Education Initiatives